Get to know Cena ~

I am a mixed media abstract artist in love with color, collage, painting, and mark making! I make art to 1: keep my sanity, 2: bring my internal musings to the external, and 3: continue the direct line with the holy mystery of love. 

Looking at and making art moves me in ways that are ineffable and transformative. If you experience just a smidge of those feelings through my art, that makes me happy. 

I live in The Bay Area of California (Santa Clara), where I enjoy my work with teens/young adults in mental health. I feel grateful for all the beauty around me and I get to the beach and the Sierras as often as I can.

I love hearing from customers and students. Please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for reading about me and your interest in my shop. 

Creatively & warmly,

Cena 😊